The Leisure Centre

Guidance on Using the Booking System,  Rules,  Actions by Management and Terms and Conditions are all given below.

Residents may also book directly on smartphones or tablets through

NOTE:   The system has been changed to allow pool and gym bookings at the same time.  That is one flat can be in the Pool while another flat is in the Gym.  Scroll down to see the separate booking pages for Gym & Pool

Guide for use of booking system    

(Scroll Up to find the booking system above)

  • Please note that we have adapted a generic system to reduce costs. The system may allow you to do things which are not allowed by SH!
  • The first time you use the system you need to Create a new Profile and fill in your details.  
  • Thereafter use the ‘Setmore Login‘ and the system should remember your credentials to make booking very quick.
  • Choose 30 or 60 minutes for Gym or Pool or a combination.   The system will allow you to add a second consecutive booking.  You can book 30 minutes Gym+30 minutes pool. 
  • Do not book more than 60 minutes in total!
  • Click Continue.  
  • Click on calendar for day required
  • Choose time required between 6 am and 11 pm– you may have to scroll down. If the time wanted is not there it has already been taken
  • Complete ‘Enter your information’ details
  • Tick accept terms and conditions. 
  • Click continue
  • Click Book My Appointment

The Management has taken the following measures to protect our residents over the current pandemic:

  • Limiting the usage to only one unit at a time
  • Adjusting the ventilation to provide fresh air to the gym. The pool has to use largely recycled air to keep the air temperature higher than the water however residents may open the pool terrace doors while they are in the pool.
  • Ensuring the chlorine level is maintained correctly.
  • Providing sanitisers and wipes. Please Use them!

Centre Use:                                                                                             Terms & Conditions

  1. As you enter either or leave the gym or the swimming pool please slide the vacant/occupied sign
  2. If you wish to use the leisure centre outside of the booking hours, then please ensure that the facility is vacant before entering
  3. Only one hour slot may be booked per day
  4. A maximum of 1 slot may be booked per day
  5. Slots may be booked up to 7 days in advance
  6. The concierge will monitor the bookings and delete any bookings made outside of these parameters



Concierge Only

This provides access to the full calendar and allows bookings to be changed.